Understanding And Overcoming Kidney Diseases And Kidney Stones

The eliminative system of the body might be compared to the sanitary department of a city. An efficient sanitary department means a clean, healthy and beautiful city; an efficient eliminating system means the same state of affairs in the body. Let but one of these functions in either the city or body fail to do its work and the entire city or body suffers.

It is when the drainage system of the body - the kidneys - get out of order that Bright's disease or chronic nephritis develops. (This disease stands as the fourth in frequency among the causes of death, being exceeded only by organic heart disease, tuberculosis and pneumonia.)

The kidneys are subject to acute diseases as well as to chronic disease. If, however, one would follow the natural methods of living and avoid all stress of the kidneys it would be highly improbable that acute disease of this order would ever develop.

Chronic Bright's disease may result from an acute attack of kidney disease or, as is usual, it devel…